If your fur is soaked with rain or snow, shake it carefully and
let it air dry. Never hang near heat or wipe in warm air. Once the
coat has dried, you can shake it again 
for the garment to regain
its volume.


Fur is sensitive to wear and friction.
When you're in a car or throwing the bag on your shoulder, you
need b
e extra careful. Do not sit on your fur if you can avoid it.
If you happen to sit on it, shake it immediately. Wear your coat
with care. Keep in mind that stained fur may dye. Fur, as all
natural materials, can be faded in sunlight.


A coat needs breathing, so do not squeeze it in between other
garments or have weight in a garment. Do not store the fur in 
a bag if it´s not at risk of being exposed to moisture. Make sure
it is dry before it is put in a bag.

All chemicals such as perfume, hair spray or other products
which contains alcohol destroys the fur and makes the skin/strain 
dry out.

A fur cannot be washed by machine or by hand. If your fur gets dirty,
gently brush on the stain. If you want to hang out the fur on the air
then it preferably does at night so the sun cannot damage the garment.
Fur should have cold and not heat so in the summer you should store
it with a fur specialist who offers cold room for the fur not to lose hair.