Welcome to Monroeworld - international fashion and a world for you who want to highlight your personality and want a little more. Here is a unique selection of quality products with classic styles and natural materials in fur, cashmere, silk, cotton and linen. Here are also parties and accessories with glitter, flowers, stones, rhinestones needed for festive occasions. It is your personality and attitude that applies.

Monroe started as a fashion store in Stockholm in 1981, moved to Sturegallerian in 1989. Monroe's store has been one of Sweden's most exciting stores with the ambition to reflect an international big city life.

Since 2018, Monroeworld is only a store on-line. You will also be able to meet us on events and in some pop-up store in the future. If you are a member you will of course get the invitation to our events.

The assortment and what is here right now is a reflection of the season and quality products we believe in.


Company Information

Moda Nuova Fashion AB 556240-0506