You can choose to pay in different ways:

Online Payment
Today you can pay your goods on with VISA, MasterCard/Eurocard or AMEX. It is free to pay with credit card. DIBS protects your information. DIBS is a Swedish company which manages online credit card verification safely, quickly and easy way.

When you fill in your card details, the credit card number is encrypted immediately. 
Communication to the DIBS server is via an encrypted directconnection (https). Then, when your information is sent to the bank the bank's security system is used. 

Thus, in the case of payment, there are two communication
paths that are protected:
1. Communication between end consumer and DIBS
2. Communication between DIBS and the bank
For communication between end consumers and DIBS is used SSL encryption. DIBS uses the strongest encryption as available on the market with 128-bit key. It means you can be sure that you are connected to just DIBS server, and partly that no one but DIBS can see your information.

In communication with the banks, DIBS uses the same security 
systems used by banks guaranteeing the highest safety. DIBS also meets the requirements for the market's leading security standard PCI DSS.

Bill payment

Via Klarna we offer you to pay your order with invoice. A quick credit information is made in connection with your order and you will be notified immediately if you have been approved. Keep in mind that you must fill in the correct address and zip code when you become a member in order for your invoice purchase to be approved. Cost 30 SEK. Maximum amount 4000 SEK. Payment time 14 days.

Part payment
Via Klarna you now have the option of paying part your purchase at Monroeworld. With this method of payment, you have the option to pay all your purchases at us at your own rate from 50 SEK a month or 1/24 of the total amount of the account. You can of course choose that pay off the full amount whenever you want. There is an aviation fee at 29 SEK and annual interest of 19.5% on installment.


All prices are inclusive of VAT. Shipping cost of 120 SEK is added. Unpatched packages will be charged a fee of 400 SEK.