Purchase and conditions/Fur


When ordering
over the internet you enter into a contract to purchase when you have

the purchase in the cart. Then automatically
provisional order confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail. You can then check
what you ordered from us. We do not include contracts with minors without
parentals consent

The prices
shown in our online shop is always current. We reserves

the right
at any time to adjust prices. Neither price
cuts or price increases effects placed orders.


Post package

50 SEK (incl. VAT). Correspondence with the Post-SMS are announced usually

the day after the package is shipped, therefore be careful to specify

correct mobile number. To pick up your package, you need

tracking number/shipping ID and ID. You can always follow your

sending at Posten.se. All packages will remain at the delivery points

for 14 days before they are returned back to us, read more about this in

unclaimed packages.

For further information www.posten.se

Unclaimed packages

Unclaimed packages are not covered for right of withdrawal by the distance and

doorstep sales act. For packages that are not picked up will be charged a fee

at 400. This represents the costs that it caused

us to send out the package and received it in return.

Caring for your fur

If you fur get wet, shake it out and just hang it to dry in a well ventilated room.
Do not dry in with a hair dryer or hang it near a heat source, fur does not like heat.
Fur do not like friction or crushing, Do not sit on you fur, or at least not on the same spot constently.

Be sure that you put your fur in a coat closet that is not exposed to light, wich will fade your fur or heat it which
will dry out your fur. Be sure your fur has room to breathe and isn´t being crushed by other garments.

Avoid all chemicals.
Pefume and hairspray contain alcohol, which can dry the oelts.
Fur cannot be dry-cleaned and never should be put in a washing machine or dryer!