You can choose to pay by:

Online Payment
Today you can pay your goods on with VISA,

MasterCard and Eurocard. There is no charge to pay by credit card!

DIBS is protecting your information. DIBS is a Swedish company that handles

online verification of credit cards in a safe, quick and easy way.

After filling in your credit card information, the credit card information is

diarectly encrypted. Communication to the DIBS server goes through an encrypted

direct connection (https). When your information is sent to the

Bank, it use the bank's security system.

At the payment there are two parts that is protected:

1. The communication between the end user and DIBS

2.  Communication between DIBS and the bank

For communication between the end user and DIBS,

SSL encryption is used. DIBS uses the strongest encryption

available in the market with 128-bit key.

This means that you can both be sure that you are connected

against just DIBS server, and also that none other than DIBS can

see your information. In the communicating with the banks, DIBS use the same

security systems as the banks which ensures the highest safety.

DIBS also meet requirements of the market's leading security standard PCI DSS.

Direct Payment
Paying by direct payments is both easy and secure.

You will be redirected to your bank's website and make the purchase

therethrough. In other words, you pay the same way as you

pay your bills. Anyone that are pay customer

at any of the following banks will be able to pay this way. To

pay by direct payment is free. Direct payments by

bank is handled by DIBS that meet the market's leading

security standard PCI DSS